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Brands under The Madison Group define new perspectives for modern living.

Bulthaup, Reading the Trees

Wittmann, Texture, Tailored

Wittmann, Texture, Tailored Sub-Zero Wolf, Energised to Invent

"Rimadesio, defining spacesViabizzuno, Illuminating Life"


Masters of the Elements

Families understand homes and our design brands represent generations of family businesses. Building on their foundations of material expertise, engineering precision and architectural spirit, we are proud to share their passion for hands-on craftsmanship and carry forward their legacy. They reflect who we are and define new perspectives for modern living.

  • Sub-Zero Wolf
  • V-ZUG



If you place a whole tree trunk in front of a true wood veneer master, they will tell you exactly how to cut and shape every inch of it into something spectacular.

Martin Bulthaup was a visionary. Founded in 1949, his namesake brand is renowned worldwide as the ultimate in kitchen architecture. From wood to steel, bulthaup continues to master its materials, innovating to redefine the future of convivial kitchens.




Every Wittmann creation is a bespoke masterpiece. You would expect no less from a company whose roots begin in tackling the ultimate challenge in seated comfort: the leather horse saddle.

Today, their upholstered furniture is one of Austria’s most famous design exports, with all their sofas, chairs and beds made using skills passed down for generations. Inquisitive and curious, Wittmann listen to the stories, preferences and imaginings of every client, to create truly personalised furniture from their famously sumptuous materials.


Available only in Hong Kong


Sub-Zero Wolf


Sub-Zero was born from necessity in 1943. Its inventor, Westye Bakke, needed a free-standing, ultra-cool freezer that could keep his child’s medication cold.

Today, Sub-Zero continues to embody the ultimate in the art and science of food preservation. With a passion for precise engineering and cutting-edge performance, it was natural for the company to acquire Wolf, a brand that was turning up the heat for high-performance kitchens.

Wolf kitchen appliances make cooking an exercise in perfection. The brand is coveted by top chefs for its superior and exact heat control, with its custom designs for Asia’s kitchens made to lock in flavour in high-heat cuisine.


Not available in Singapore




The guiding philosophy of Italian design house Rimadesio is about envisaging spaces in an entirely new way. They contemplate the art of the glide to create seamless flow, reimagine how storage can be a feature in its own right and create dividers that—contrary to their name—unite.

Every system is made to measure, shaping environments and defining the architecture of unique interior spaces. From doors, sliding panels and shelving to walk-in wardrobes and contemporary furniture, Rimadesio’s products marry technical acumen with revolutionary design simplicity.




Viabizzuno, founded by Mario Nanni, unites craftsmanship and engineering. A favourite among fashion houses, the Italy-based firm explores the relationships between light, architecture, space and people—with extraordinary results.

New research continues to reveal the impact of light—and shadow—on our wellbeing. Turning insights into inspiration, Viabizzuno illuminates new ways of living with ingenious fixtures that spark creativity, nurture productivity and foster comfort. Promoting a culture of light, their designs naturally integrate into homes to make bold, beautiful statements.


Available only in Hong Kong




Premium Swiss Quality. V-ZUG inventions and innovations are constantly setting new heights in terms of aesthetics and individualisation of housekeeping, providing simple and tailored solutions for more than 100 years to home owners around the globe.

Founded in 1913, V-ZUG is rooted in Swiss luxury excellence, combining perfect craftsmanship, future forward innovation and inspiring design with a sustainable outlook to people and nature. Featuring a broad range of products, from cooking and preservation, to laundry care and more hygiene solutions, allowing you to live a fast-paced life in a relaxing way.