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Make It Your Own   

Let curiosity lead the way through the doors of House of Madison: a unique townhouse concept that brings together connection, craftsmanship and co-creation.

House Happenings  

House of Madison is the ultimate host. There’s always a creative collaboration, product partnership, exclusive event or private party happening at our home. Have a peek at what’s in our diary, or look back at some of our favourite occasions.

Do you want to host your event with us?

Do you want to host an event with us?

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Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Wan Chai, Hong Kong: the smell of swirling incense and ripe fruit hangs in the air above the chatter of a busy lunch hour. Neighbours holding bags of fresh market vegetables greet one another with nods of affection, as colleagues with rolled-up sleeves wander down sidewalks. Located on Queen’s Road East, House of Madison is surrounded by heritage and innovation in equal measure. It has never been more at home.

G03, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Rd East, Wanchai Hong Kong, SAR
+852-2239 5072

G17-20, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Rd, Causeway Bay Hong Kong, SAR
+852-2239 5073

Meet the Madisons     

The Madisons live life with purpose. Their motto: home is the heart of life. To appreciate the best a city and its people have to offer, they lay down roots, connect with their spaces and always feel truly at home.


  • Live Like a Madison

    Wake early. Stay up late.
    Read everything. Listen intently.
    Make time for friends. Enjoy your own company.
    Discover new flavours. Perfect old favourites.
    Move your body. Sit back and relax.
    Plan exotic adventures. Get to know your neighbours.
    Never stop learning. Spend time teaching others.
    Savour the moment. Create new memories.
    Explore the world. Make your home your haven.

  • Johnny Wong – Design Architect

    Cofounder and creative director of design studio FAK3, Johnny Wong focuses on bespoke projects in the fields of interior, architecture and art. Whether for high-end hospitality or residential clients, FAK3 exploits space creating emotive experiences, stimulating the senses though the poetic blending of space, light and meticulous detailing.

  • Elliot Faber – Sake Samurai

    As beverage director of Yardbird, Ronin and Sunday’s Grocery and whisky advisor at Zachys Auction House, Elliot is a certified expert in wine and Japanese whisky, sake, shochu and umeshu. He has published a book on sake and has a passion for sharing knowledge in the field.

  • Margarita Fores – Chef

    Margarita Fores is the powerhouse driving the international recognition of cuisine and unique flavours of the Philippines. In 2016 she was recognised as Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016 awardee, and awarded the honorary knight title of the Order Of The Start Of Italy. She is the creative force behind a host of restaurants and is empowering the next generation of Filipina Chefs.

  • Frank Leung – Design Architect

    As Founder and Principal of via., Frank Leung brings over 25 years of experience to his projects. Trained in the US, the Hong Kong native quickly built a presence in the design scene through working extensively across the residential, retail and hospitality space. His works are characterized by a worldly sophistication and a respect for cultural nuances.

  • Terrence Chan – Design Architect

    Terrence is the founder and director of Studio Terre, a creative design studio that is both stylish and homely. They provide conceptualization and personalized design consultancy works for objects + furniture, installation works, interiors and architecture. His works have often been described as sensitive, subtle, and understated, yet complex in its details, finishes and construction.

  • Joshua & Caleb Ng – F&B and Creative Consultants

    From restaurateurs, chef, sommelier, barista, food critic and entrepreneur twin brothers Joshua and Caleb have a depth of knowledge in creating a great restaurant. Twins Kitchen was founded as a consultancy and creative firm focusing on the food and beverage industry along with in house graphic and interior design teams.

  • Mark Cho & Alan See – Bespoke fashion

    The Armoury was born from a passion for classic styling and an interest in telling the stories of truly exceptional artisans and their products. Co-Founded by Mark and Alan and now with locations in Hong Kong and New York, The Armoury is a response to today’s trend of insubstantial, lifeless products that are too often masked by expensive advertising.

  • Victoria Chow – Creative & Beverage

    As the creative and driving force behind The Woods, Victoria Chow is a cocktail & spirits expert and educator with a background in event production, experiential marketing, public relations, graphic design, & photography. She was a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2019 and WSET & IWSC Future 50 Awards 2019. She works to elevate consumers understanding of and appreciation for the craft.

  • Elaine Ng

    Elaine is a mixed media artist, materialogist, founder of The Fabrick Lab and one of the featured personalities from our Curious’ 16 booklet. She is also a recipient of the 2015 Swarovski Designers of the Future award whose art installation “Sundew” recently featured at Art Central 2016. Elaine has drawn a lot media attention to her achievement and recent activities and will be showcasing her work and discussing human & nature and smart living.

  • Mariana Velasquez

    Food stylist to The First Lady, Michelle Obama while she was in residence at The White House, shares her creativity of dressing food to its finest while also demonstrating how women can reinvent the kitchen to freely showcase and express their skills.

  • Dominic Chan

    Founder of street art group, Start from Zero, Dom Chan knows wood well as he is a carpenter by trade. Doms work that has helped transform and build communities in a figurative and literal sense.