The Madison Group unlocked the key to a groundbreaking retail experience with the opening of its flagship concept space House of Madison in Hong Kong.

Designed to embody the extension of the modern home and its social circle, House of Madison is a multi-use retail playground for thinkers and tinkerers, artists and artisansexploring the intersection of design, gastronomy and the art of expressive living.

House of Madison logo is a representation of our 4 pillars: experiment, play, inspire, and fulfill.


Now that your story is coming together, you’re truly crafting and tailoring your most personal space, a place of belonging, a space you call home.


Every product you choose for your home becomes part of your own unique story, and every one of our products tells a story of their own to inspire your creativity.


Defy the rules and see things in a new light. Dare to engage in something new and different and you could add the special touches making your home truly unique.


Some things deserve a fresh approach. When it comes to truly great products, the more time you spend with them, the more you uncover their most intrinsic qualities.

Spanning three stories, the sprawling, purposely designed “house” features a series of dining and entertaining spaces, a wine tasting room and balcony lounge, designed in a strong modern language and rich materiality.

Get a first sneak preview of our space through this illustration, but don’t forget to come and pick up your own house key at anytime you are looking for inspiration and engagement.

Private Dining Room

Perfect for sit-down meals in an elegant setting. The stunning Rimadesio furnishings are ready to be dressed up for any occasion.

Open Kitchen 1st Floor

Food jamming by day, social jamming by night! Whether you’re joining a cooking workshop or just enjoying a cocktail at the DJ bar, this beautiful open kitchen by bulthaup is perfect for mixing and mingling.

Garden Terrace

Sit back in our very own green sanctuary, complete with Wolf barbecue grill, and relax while the city bustles on.

Dollhouse Gallery

Don’t miss our collection of one-of-a-kind dollhouses by renowned architects and designers from around the world.

The Living Area

Our favourite spot for those quiet moments where you unwind with a cup of tea and a good book or magazine.

Wine Area

Of all the things we love to collect, fine wine is perhaps the most pleasurable – especially when they’re so beautifully preserved in state-of-the-art Sub-Zero wine storage units.

Cool-Art Gallery

Take a peek into our Sub-Zero fridges to view unique seasonal art installations.

Open Kitchen 3rd floor

We love good food: both eating it and making it! Our fully equipped kitchen lets you prepare meals on-site for fresh catering, live cooking workshops, or for enjoying some quality time preparing a delicious meal together.

At House of Madison we believe in “touch and feel” versus “stare and listen”. We don’t see clients, we see house guests; we don’t display just products, we create living spaces to be filled with feelings, memories and emotions.

We believe that every home is like a white canvas, where each owner writes his/her own story.

We write our story every day through the attentive touches and details curated by our Mr & Mrs Madison, and through the contributions received from friends and guests.

We take great pride and pleasure in sharing our story and helping you to engage and interact with the space through your visits, where we always strive to tailor a memorable and intimate experience.

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