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Sub-Zero Wolf

Tasting and Events


Sub-Zero Wolf

The Sub-Zero and Wolf flagship showroom in the heart of Hong Kong is a visionary designer space featuring over 50 products. Designed by Terre Studio Singapore, the 2,000-square-foot space sets the tone to highlight the full potential of two specialists in a singular harmonious showroom which also serves as a platform for creative and culinary experiences.

Tastings and Events    

Sub-Zero and Wolf are masters in their own crafts, respectively food preservation and precision cooking. The showroom aims is to create an environment where the products can standout, inviting interaction with the customers and yet at the same time, seamlessly featuring different setting to inspire the customers to design their own living kitchen.

To create a natural flow, a ‘ribbon wall’ is used to extend the overall wall surfaces while creating a semi-enclosed space for customers to experience a homely feel when engaging with the products.

The three-standout islands are deliberately added to draw customers closer to the product with an eye-catching selection of different marbles with contrasting finely crafted metal details. With the different design features, well curated styling, some never seen before products and witty collaborations with local and international designers, this Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom is meant to be a gathering place for creative and culinary explorers.

Book a product demonstration or join a live cooking event with our in-house chef to experience what sets Sub-Zero and Wolf apart!!